In Australia, fires have destroyed an area of land almost twice the size of Belgium.
These fires have created a plume of smoke that is currently wider than Europe, covering both Australia and New Zealand.
The flames are so severe that they are creating their own weather systems, forming fire clouds that spark lightning and fire tornadoes.
Temperatures are predicted to continue to rise above 40ºC (104ºF), with predictions that this could go on for another 3 months.

Over 20 people have died, countless others missing and thousands of homes burned to the ground.
An estimated half a billion animals have perished, with scientists saying that entire species could have been wiped out.

Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the devastating bushfires, and to the brave Firefighters and volunteers that are currently battling the flames.
On behalf of Lioness, on the 8th of January, we will be donating 100% off all online sales to NSW Rural Fire Service and Wires Wildlife Rescue.
In addition to the above donations, we are drafting plans to further assist our community and country.


NSW Rural Fire Service

Wires Wildlife Rescue

Australia Red Cross

Salvation Army

Community Enterprise Foundation

South Australia Country Fire Service

We thank you for any donations that you have made or are going to make. Any amount is generous.

From the bottom of our hearts, with love, Lioness x